VIDENT IEasy300 OBD2 Code Reader Unbiased Reviews

Here shares some pertinent customer reviews about Vident iEasy300 code reader. Hope it helps!

Review 1: Great product
iEasy300 is a great car code reader and scanner. Easy to use and very useful to find out what's wrong with my car before I take it to the shop or can try to fix it myself.

Review 2: Gives lots of good insights
I bought this ieasy300 scanner to see what was going on with my 1995 Thunderbird, but it turns out the OBD port on the car is messed up. I did, however, hook it up to my 2016 F150 and was able to get a ton of information from this device. Everything from your VIN to the battery voltage. If your car is giving you crazy codes, this will help you to figure out what they really mean. The price is pretty reasonable, too.

Review 3: Great scanner for car
This vident ieasy300 scanner is one of the many ways to find out some data about your car. Main advantages are: good compatibility with different cars, supports ten types of testing support, all tests are displayed on one screen, real-time engine status data, reading and saving different codes, ability to identify fault by code, high-temperature limit, ability to check oxygen sensor, ability to know battery status, supports a large number of languages.
Review 4: This obd2 code reader is way better than my old one
I'm a “shade tree” mechanic, and I've been working on cars for 20 years. I bought this ieasy300 scanner to replace an older diagnostic tool I bought for $70 several years ago. This one is way better. Here’s what I like about it:

1. Easy to Use – The interface is easy to use and navigate.

2. Reading live data streams – this one is super important for diagnostic. Of course, reading and clearing codes is good, but being able to see live readings is crucial to diagnosing tough issues.

3. Battery Tester – Are you serious?? this is awesome! My old tool couldn’t do this and having this is soooo much more convenient than going to an auto parts store and having them test my battery.

I also like that this has a 12-month warranty. My experience with electronics like this is that if they fail, they will probably do it in the first year. More likely the first 3 or 4 months. And if they don’t fail within that time, they’ll probably last for years.

Overall this is a great diagnostic tool for any mechanic. It works great and has a lot of great features. This does what a $200-$300 tool would do several years ago. It’s amazing how cheap this kind of stuff is getting!
Review 5: Bargain-priced OBDII code reader and more that's not a toy!
This little ieasy300 packs a lot of functionality into a compact unit. It’s solidly made with a nice long connector cable. It also includes a mini USB cable to connect to your computer for updates and sharing data. You will need to have their proprietary application on your PC. From a functional standpoint, first of all it reads diagnostic trouble codes and also monitors the monitoring systems that produce these codes. Most people will want to see these DTCs to get an idea of why the check engine light is on or what might be causing whatever problem the car is having. There's a lot more to this than I could possibly cover in this review and you really need to 1. Read the included manual and 2. Read a good manual on gathering, decoding, and interpreting DTCs (the manual is bare-bones on the features of this particular OBD II sensor). This is one of the least expensive OBD II units available and perfect for shade-tree mechanics or anyone who wants to go to the repair shop with a clue as to what is actually wrong when the idiot light goes on.