How to Solve Vident Scanner White and Black Screen?


When I turn on the vident iLink410 obd2 scanner it shows white screen no matter press on any buttons. How can I solve it?


Here is the working solution to vident scan tool white or black screen error (solution fits all vident series scanners):

1. White screen when turn on the machine 

Remove TF card, vident will show Vident logo and prompt you to insert the TF card (you can see the TF card logo)

Vident White Screen Solution 2

Reinsert the TF card, if still had white screen error, there is something wrong with the scanner. Contact our customer service for help.



Black screen error when turn on the vident scan tools

a:Remove TF card from scan tool. Power on the scan tool to see if following boot-up picture of Vident appear.

b: If yes, Format TF card under FAT32, run update client “iScanzilla”, firstly install OS-software only. After installation of OS-software, remove TF card from computer and insert back to scan tool. Power on the scan tool check vident logo (without TF card this time)

Vident White Screen Solution 1

c:If yes, then download and install other softwares in one time. This process perhaps takes long time. Stay patient.

d: Insert back TF card to scan tool and switch on to diagnose your car.