2008 Chrysler GV 2.8crd reset the VLP by Vident ilink400

Car model: 2008 Chrysler GV 2.8crd

We were stuck in lots of stop start traffic took 6 hours to drive 40ish miles and the engine management light came on and gearbox stopped changing gear.

The unhelpful breakdown man plugged in the car and told me I've been racing as its logged a p1745 code which he googled and declared was excessive changes between 2nd and 3rd gear, reset the code and declared the car fixed, but it didn't fix it so towed us home.
I've plugged it in myself using a delphi clone and came up with the same code p1745 which is in fact VLP in open loop or over pressure for 2000 miles or 1000 gear changes between 2nd and 3rd, I've checked the vlp solenoid for open loop and pressure sensor for faults, all I can find is the actual pressure is around 20 - 30 psi higher the target psi on the gearbox hydraulic line.
I've changed the gearbox oil and filter with the correct oil but cannot clear the VLP error counter in the TCM without some serious diagnostics equipment.

Tried disconnecting the battery left off for 2 hours, also clamped the positive and negative leads together for an hour. Still nothing.

Sort and lagacy. The code is registered twice in the BCM. 04-07 'U' codes never went wild few top0the range diagnostic scanners have them. The 508 & x431 of 05-07 did.

I've located the same tool it's a Vident ilink400 single make scanner, but the vident side also states you can add up to 5 makes per scanner for $60 per make.

Took longer than 3 days to arrive, but worth it.
Plugged in found my car via vin number, reset the vlp counter and output tooth count no problems, then put gearbox into quick learning mode.
In all it does what is expected for a very reasonable price.

Would love to be able to afford a x431 pro v as I know how much it can do. But as I no longer work on anything but my own cars I cannot justify the outlay cost.

This tool is Chrysler group specific and looks like it can do lots of special functions only found in more expensive equipment.

I highly recommend the
Vident ilink400.
Maybe you are interested in Vident ilink400 Chrysler Function List.
The more you read it, the more interested you will be with it.